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Risk Advisory

Our Risk Advisory practice creates value for organizations to enhance operational excellence. We maximize the performance of internal business operations by identifying, predicting, resolving, and mitigating risks as well as enhancing the value of these operations.

Nash Consult Risk Advisory services comprise of four main functions that correlate to ensure services offered are done on the full spectrum of multi-functional capabilities that would ensure the most appropriate approach is used:

The world has now been transformed into a global village owing to the growth of digital technologies and increased digital products. However, this growth has also enhanced the platform for cyber-related crime which has made businesses identify cyber risks as their most challenging type of risk to manage. Through our cybersecurity and strategic risk management, we leverage demonstrated standards-based methodologies and frameworks and extensive industry knowledge to help manage these risks.

Approach to Service Delivery.

  • Cyber Security Appraisal – We help organizations measure their cyber risk maturity and provide recommendations on enhancements to improve the capability. We benchmark the capability with industry standards and international best practices. This we do while keeping the strategic objectives and the vision of the organization intact and in tune.
  • Cyber Risk Insight – We assist our clients in identifying cyber risks through vulnerability assessments and penetration testing services to have an understanding of the risks they are facing.
  • Cyber Risk Monitor – We help our clients in the establishment of supervisory measures for cybersecurity risks to ensure the organization remains on top of any risks that may occur. It includes SOC assessments, Cybersecurity controls review, Cybersecurity governance review, and regulatory and standards compliance assessment.
  • Cyber Risk Agility – We help organizations in building an agile defense-in-depth cybersecurity framework that would enable them to be secure, alert, and resilient. We also help our clients developing controls that would ensure they are adaptive to the evolving security threats.

The business environment and the regulatory space are often changing. Compliance with regulations and standards has become a business requirement and with this the risk that can result in financial loss and reputation damage. It is against this backdrop that the value of I.T audits and compliance cannot be overstated.

Approach to Service Delivery.

  • IT Assurance – We provide comprehensive IT audits of the IT environment where we consider risks such as:
  1. Operational limitations due to IT system unavailability
  2. System vulnerability as a consequence of an inadequate level of information security
  3. Reputational risk due to data leakage or loss
  4. Full dependence or reliance on services provided by application system vendors
  • Technology Value Assurance – We perform assessments to determine whether IT costs and budgets are aligned to business priorities, whether IT possesses the right level of skills and capabilities to support business initiatives, whether IT Risk is cost-effectively managed and whether IT performance is measured.
  • Third-Party Assurance – We perform control reviews of the environment of a service organization on which multiple auditors can rely. The controls tested are typically those that will have a direct material impact on the financial account balances.

Cloud Computing Assurance – We assure clients of their move on cloud services by providing internal/external audit support; governance, security, risk, and compliance reviews. We provide advisory services that also entails unlocking the value of cloud opportunities for cloud providers and cloud users.

Any organization is as good and as strong as its governance. Our governance and Internal Controls offerings are uniquely positioned to help our clients address their most pressing needs relating to accounting and financial reporting, risk management, and efficacy of Internal controls systems.

  • Risk management: We assist our clients in developing a risk management practice by helping them in the development of risk management frameworks, governance, training, and reporting.
  • Control reviews and enhancement: We help our clients enhance their operational effectiveness and sound business doctrine by designing new controls and reviewing and enhancing existing process controls.
  • Governance Compliance Reviews: We perform compliance assessments by benchmarking against international standards and our proven compliance and risk assessment framework.

We use our deep industry experience and advanced analytical technology to understand and resolve our clients’ most pertinent issues that include regulatory compliance problems, enforcement actions, litigation, disputes, financial crime, and other investigation related matters.

Proactive FRS services:

Fraud Risk Management:

Nash Consult fraud risk management solutions are designed to help turn critical and complex issues into opportunities for resilience and long-term advantage. We assist our clients assess their vulnerabilities to fraud, identify control deficiencies, including systemic deficiencies, and process gaps from both internal and external points of view, addressing whistle-blower allegations, responding to government regulator requests, and preventing or detecting potential financial crimes before they occur. Some of the capabilities we have in this function include:

  • Development of anti-fraud policies, procedures, and controls
  • Development of fraud response management plan
  • Fraud risk assessment
  • Forensic data analytics for the detection of anomalies
  • Training bouquet on ethics and anti-fraud
  • Fraud investigations

Business Intelligence Services:

Investors have always presented with many opportunities for acquisitions or investment deals that promise high returns. Before committing to these opportunities, it is prudent to obtain intelligence on the operational model, financial viability, governance, potential risks, etc. If these details are not identified, clarified, and managed, then it is highly likely that you would suffer financial loss, reputational damage, and even regulatory or criminal litigation.

In our business intelligence practice, we leverage on the investigative prowess of our specialists who are backed by strong skills and understanding of your risks, to provide a bespoke approach to providing you with intelligence that will not only see you understand your risks but also understands and appreciate your position on your prospective business partners, clients, alliance targets and venture capitalists. We provide this through Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD), Customer Due Diligence (CDD), and Ongoing Due Diligence (ODD)

Our business intelligence services include:

  • Red flag identification and screening
  • Board and management due diligence
  • Strategic and competitor intelligence
  • Asset tracing
  • Due diligence on third parties
  • Correspondent banking risk assessment
  • Operational risk assessment
  • Litigation support

Anti-Corruption and Bribery Services

Statistics on enforcement actions and the sheer magnitude of the fines and penalties arising from far-reaching legislation has been on the upward trajectory recently. It is now certain that anti-corruption management has become a necessity and requirement that ought to be integrated into the strategic business priorities and corporate governance focus. It has become more needful for the adoption of anti-corruption programs and controls for effective business management.

Our comprehensive solutions in this service include:

  • Risk assessment and review of anti-corruption and bribery programs
  • Due diligence on anti-corruption and bribery allegations
  • Data analytics on anti-corruption and bribery
  • Anti-corruption and bribery investigations
  • Anti-Corruption and Bribery training

Anti- Money Laundering Services

To understand anti-money laundering one needs to understand the spectrum of financial crime. We understand financial crime as an attempt to subvert process against institutions, governments, or individuals to defraud or illegally appropriate, circumvent or manipulate legislation for personal gain. Money Laundering is one such crime that bedevils many financial institutions such as banks and investment companies and governments. Winning over money laundering activities takes a collaborative effort from all stakeholders including governments, financial institutions, and market players such as Nash Consult.

We believe in working together to address Anti-money laundering issues collaboratively by developing innovative solutions that enhance AML controls in the business environment. We take on a risk-based approach to money laundering risk assessments including compliance reviews based on global regulatory requirements.

Our comprehensive solutions in AML services include:

  • Know Your Customer (KYC) assessment and enhancement
  • Investigations into money laundering
  • Anti-money laundering due diligence
  • AML training and awareness
  • AML controls Health checks and reporting

Reactive FRS services:

Litigation Support Services:

Nash Consult specialists have the requisite experience and expertise to handle any litigations by applying quantitative and qualitative approaches to handling disputes. Whether it is disputed arising from claims from a joint venture partnership or a business transaction gone sour, or other complex financial disputes, Nash Consult will walk with you all the way to that last smile of victory.

Our litigation services include:

  • Case theory development
  • Litigation support including Intellectual property, environmental and sustainability consulting, professional malpractice litigation, and securities litigation support.
  • Fraud Investigation
  • Arbitrations and Dispute resolutions support
  • Business insurance claims support
  • Expert Witness testimony

Digital Forensic Technology Services:

While digital transformation is important, without specialist know-how to apply the technical skills and investigative prowess to identify evidence, cybercrime will continue unabated. This is why you need Nash Consult to help you with computer forensics because we have dedicated forensic professionals who have consistently provided digital forensic investigative support to different clients and forensic investigations in different industries. Our team is backed by backgrounds in fraud investigations, cybersecurity consulting, the discovery of digital evidence, and computer incident response.

Our digital forensic technology services include:

  • Cyber forensic investigations
  • Incident response
  • Mobile device forensics
  • Multimedia forensics
  • Files and Data recovery
  • E-Discovery solutions
  • Hard disk imaging
  • Forensic training
  • Expert witness

Forensic Data Analytics:

Digital investigations may involve the review and analysis of big data. This would require performing analysis on structured and unstructured data through the collection, cleansing, enrichment, transformation, analysis, and modeling of the data to help in investigations.

At Nash Consult, we leverage our bespoke data analysis and interrogation tools to detect anomalous behavior and trends. We also use data visualizations to enable exploration and analysis of relational data elements through a visualization process that shows links, pathways, flows, and networks that are not apparent.

Forensic accounting and corporate investigation:

We all understand that financial crime can be so detrimental to any business’ financial standing. It is therefore important that any allegations of misappropriation be dealt with swiftly. Our forensic accountants will assist you in identifying these misappropriations and even help you in developing controls that will mitigate the reoccurrence of such gaps.

We leverage advanced forensic technologies to quickly gather facts and evidence to assess the extent of any fraud and to assist you to get on top of the situation for the sake of your stakeholders.

Cybersecurity and Strategic Risk management

Our Cyber Risk practitioners leverage demonstrated standards-based methodologies and frameworks with extensive industry knowledge and experience to create practical, sustainable management solutions that provide value in cyber risk management.

Technology Assurance and IT Specialized Audits

We provide IT & Specialised Assurance services to organizations by helping them to mitigate technology risks in an environment filled with regulatory complexity. We do this by strengthening trust and transparency and by escalating IT security threats, technology outages, data integrity, and quality issues, corporate governance concerns, and privacy mandates.

Governance and Internal Controls

In our governance and internal controls offering we are helping organizations to protect and enhance value by managing risks and opportunities and supporting management and board through out-of-the-box solutions with the view of turning risks into value-creating opportunities. Provide this offering through our Internal Audit, Internal Control, Regulatory Compliance and Sustainability (ESG reporting and Report Assurance)

Forensics & Regulatory Support (FRS)

Our FRS services help our clients manage regulatory compliance, enforcement actions, litigation, disputes, financial crime, and other investigation related matters by leveraging our capabilities that include specialized forensic skills, investigative toolsets, end to end AML solutions, and fraud analytics.


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