What we offer


Business growth requires focus and well thought out strategy. In our consulting practice, we help you make the right and informed choice that will move your business ahead of the curve. Our consulting practice areas include:

Enterprise technology solution development

Nash Consult’s IT and technology experts will advise and guide your organization in designing, strategizing, deploying, and ultimately implementing technological solutions that are effective, interactive, and uniquely responsive to your organizational objectives, nature, and diverse needs.

Our enterprise technology services include:

  • Technology strategy and transformation: We help organizations enhance their IT strategy and implement systems and solutions that would improve performance across the enterprise.
  • Enterprise and resource planning solutions: Our premium services in resource planning will help re-engineer how your human resources, finance, and other organizational operations function.
  • Finance & Performance solutions: We will help you in the design and deployment of financial solutions, whether embodied in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions or dedicated standalone solutions.

Telecommunications operations:

We help telecommunication firms model their business models to increase their reach to consumers with tailored products for the masses. This also includes:

  • Performing revenue assurance to ensure there is no leakage
  • Telecom business strategy development
  • Innovate and design new services, technologies, and business collaborations
  • Regulatory and tax consulting
  • Sustainability reporting

Media and Consumer technology assurance:

Our solutions in the media and consumer space entail:

  • Creating digitized businesses: We will help you develop strategies that will enable launch and scale up direct-to-consumer and tech-enabled services.
  • Scale disruptive innovators: Nash Consult will help you build a financial and operational discipline through properly defined financial and operational controls.
  • Transform organizations: Changing trajectories through holistic interventions in performance, capabilities, and health
  • Accessing and retaining a huge customer base: Providing value, winning confidence in customers, and retaining them to help you self-perpetuate.
  • Improve the art and science of storytelling: Guiding content investment through predictive analytics

Technology Infrastructure:

Our technology infrastructure solutions include:

  • Business applications integration
  • Datacenter virtualizations and maintenance
  • Enterprise storage solutions deployment and integrations
  • Network and Security solutions design and deployment
  • IT managed services and outsourcing

Nash Consult will leverage the different technology solutions, working strategies, and industry knowledge to help you develop a formidable strategy that enhances your business transformations.

In our strategy and Innovation solutions:

  • We help businesses adopt strategies that are not only cost-effective but also predisposed to a well thought out an innovative solution that will put them ahead of the curve.
  • We use proven strategies and frameworks to help you model your strategies for better business operational efficiency.

We at Nash consult believe that people are an integral part of the organization. We will help you put the right talents in the right positions at the right time to deliver your vision. Through objective scientific research, analysis of industry trends and insights, we will advise you on how to merge people and technology as you reengineer your organization’s structure, work, HR models, and conventional work patterns so that everything works efficiently for you.

To be more responsive and instrumental in helping our clients respond to these imminent changes and turn them into competitive advantages, our human capital consultancy is offered through the following functions:

  • Human resource policy development
  • Design of organizational structure
  • Talent management and development framework
  • Performance appraisal/result-based management model development

In our digital transformation consulting offering, we work with clients to incorporate digital technology into all dimensions of their business and transform their operations and customer engagement cultures for the better.

At the center of our digital transformation practice is the use of data analytics to foresee future disruptions, improve competitiveness and harmonize processes.

Our digital transformation services include:

  • Tech Enabled Transformation
  • Customer experience
  • Operational agility
  • Culture and leadership
  • Workforce enablement

Technology Consulting

We provide technical support that includes IT Service Delivery Support, deployment, and maintenance of solutions for finance, supply chain, and IT operations management. We ensure that these solutions are implemented in alignment with business strategy and objectives.

Strategy and Innovation

We help organizations in the development of strategies that are not only cost-effective but also aligned to organizations’ vision and objectives to enhance their growth. This we do by adopting innovative solutions and frameworks that would help ensure that the client realizes the utmost value and sustained growth.

Human Capital

Through our Human Capital services, we Strategically and culturally align talent that helps reset organizations for skills and talent-led breakthroughs by leveraging experience, analytics, and technology.

Digital Transformations

We drive transformation and build businesses by bringing together the capabilities needed to help organizations grow and thrive in the digital age.


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