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Investment management

We at Nash Consult believe that Investment management entails having access to the best opportunities which are obtained through objective, thorough, and well thought out due diligence, investment screening, and portfolio development all of which inform disciplined investment decisions that guarantee the highest returns for investors. With this philosophy, you will be assured of high returns on your investments and a well-managed investment portfolio.

We leverage our industry expertise, unparalleled insights across industries and geographies, and a highly qualified pool of consultants and market analysts to help companies make better investment decisions that build greater returns for their stakeholders.

Nash Consult’s private equity offering seeks to provide the most diversified corporate and SME investments platform that spans multiple industries globally to realize high returns. Leveraging on our strong insights and deep industry experience, we aim to play a pivotal role in streamlining companies to make an impact on the business performance thereby improve their growth trajectory. Imbued with diverse skills inherited from multiple business portfolios in different industries, our ventures into diverse businesses are done through stressed/distressed investments, corporate carve-outs, and leveraged acquisitions and build-ups.

Our Capabilities


We help our clients create high returns on private equity investments and strengthen their strategy and development agenda. We offer our advisory on:

  • Due diligence support
  • Investment screening
  • Portfolio development
  • Exit support.

We offer access to sophisticated financial advice in public and private market financing, trading, foreign exchange, commodities and investment, and economic research.


We leverage our deep insights on global macroeconomic trends and market search to provide capital to SMEs and large Corporates with our target market being Africa, Europe, and the Americas. The main industries that we target include financial services, Mining, Agriculture, Energy, and Consumer products. We specialize in strategies including initial re-capitalizations and acquisitions.


We rely on a global bottom-up approach in looking for investment opportunities in SMEs and large corporates which have revenues that top billions of dollars and high net worth individuals akin to financial growth and steady private wealth development. Our investor-centered solutions aim to provide superior investor servicing, managed by the highest fiduciary standards.

Nash Consult Real Estate function provides bespoke solutions through advisory and financing delivery models. Our Real Assets strategies seek to provide portfolio diversification and long-term value creation through investment intangible assets.

Our delivery approach is:

Real Estate Development/Constructions

We analyze market needs in the respective niches to maximize returns for large-scale developments by applying insights on the stakeholders’ needs, optimizing capital costs, minimizing risk, and ensuring that stable foundations are in place for long-term, sustainable revenue streams.

Real Estate Operations

We revolutionize customer experience by adopting bespoke operational principles and strategies that would best speak to the needs of the stakeholders to increase and liven their experience. We also help in building analytics capabilities to enable data-driven decisions.

Performance Improvement

Transform real estate investment products by increasing their performance efficiency and increase demand to drive higher returns on investments. This we achieve through carefully crafted best in class approaches in strategy, governance, marketing, distribution, customer experience, risk management, and optimization of the capital expenditure.

We take a rigorous fundamental and technical approach to look at the complexity of the whole commodity market to identify the most attractive opportunities to generate a return. We have the ability to trade across commodity markets using a wide variety of trading strategies and tools to capture opportunities the markets present.

Our Approach

We help our clients with our bespoke commodities trading strategies that are based on the global demand for the commodities. We currently major on the following commodities:

  • Agricultural commodities: The agricultural commodities comprises financially settled derivatives contracts on horticultural products like flowers and cash crops like coffee, cocoa, tea, sugar, and corn.
  • Energy commodities: These are very popular commodities owing to their high demand and volatility in the global market. Nash Consult has developed strategies that leverages the global and niche demand of the product to ensure consistent turnover with the highest margins for our clients. The specific energy commodities that we trade are:
  1. Crude Oil
  2. Natural Gas
  • Metal commodities. Nash Consult has also developed strategies for buying and selling precious metals through mining investments and joint ventures with established players in the mining business. We deliver the products on FOB, CIF, or even through cash-and-carry.

We also provide escrow and mandate services for buyers who have identified a seller and would want to mitigate the risk of fraud and scams by offering risk management and purchase advisory solutions. The most commonly preferred metal commodities are:

  1. Gold: In compliance with the World Gold Council guidelines on the precious metal trade, we have benchmarked our procedure in line with the Swiss Procedure and the LBMA Gold standardization to ensure a secure, reliable, and easy procedure for buying and selling the commodity. Whether you want to buy the product on cash-and-carry, CIF, FOB strategies, or have identified a seller and would want us to guide and support you through the transaction with financing and escrow services, just know that we are always here to support you.
  2. Silver: Silver continues to grow exponentially as a safety net for many investors keen on hedging against market uncertainties since it has a negative correlation with investment instruments like stocks, bonds, treasury bills, and other asset classes. It has continued to have an excellent purchasing power over time, similar to gold. We provide advisory on trading on the metal in the commodities marketplaces such as the Asia Commodity Market Place (ACM), IG, and the UK commodity marketplace.

Contact our commodity advisors at for guidance.

Our wealth management clientele consists of high net-worth individuals, families, and select foundations and endowments. These group of clients always seek a deep and lasting strategic and operational improvement on growth and performance of their wealth, and that is why we aim to provide good counsel on issues strategy on wealth management and to make it easier for them to make strong strategic choices that will enable them to thrive and realize their visions.

Our Services Include:

Family Governance

Trust and estate management

Our approach to reviewing your estate plan is geared towards helping you develop solutions based on your wishes for your business and heirs including the wealth transfer strategies. We help you navigate the complexities of wealth conservation and transference while incorporating your goals into your overall estate plan.

Private Philanthropy management

Philanthropy is one of life’s most fulfilling undertaking that anyone could do. When appropriately implemented and managed, it makes a positive impact on people’s lives. Our philanthropy services entail establishing the governance and controls that will ensure proper oversight and management of the family foundation.

Financial education

We help our clients through education programs developed by subject matter experts on a range of topics concerning the growth and preservation of wealth. We share insights based on our industry experience and research done to ensure our clients are well equipped to make informed decisions about their wealth management.

Business Owners

Business transitions planning

We can help in your business transitions either through mergers and acquisitions or share buy-offs. We will help you through the pre-planning and due diligence for the business sale and evaluation of the financial position to facilitating the sale by your goals.

Succession and estate tax planning strategies

If you feel that it is time that you want to leave mainstream employment and concentrate on your retirement package then you do not need to worry. We can help you, through efficient tax structures, such as trusts and philanthropic vehicles, preserve your wealth and legacy goals.

Corporate executives

Equity awards management

We can provide planning and tax strategies for corporate executives looking to maximize the value of substantial compensation packages. We align our approach to best practices and industry standards and rely on our deep experience to help you make the right decisions.

Concentrated wealth management

We can help you with addressing the risk of concentrated stock strategies as well as help you address your cash flow and liquidity needs that aim to deliver risk management, and diversification solutions to meet your personal and financial goals.

Life transitions and your wealth

As you approach retirement or take on a more active role in charitable pursuits, we can help you with the transition through proper succession planning strategies to ensure the continuity of your business.

Investment advisory program

We will help you build your investment portfolios using a wide range of investment strategies that focus on your needs, including tax-managed strategies and access to institutional investment managers and venture capitalists.

Wealth Structuring and strategies

Offshore wealth advisory

We understand and appreciate the challenges investors face when managing their investments spread across multiple countries, time zones, and with different tax regimes. We aim to make your investment management easier by leveraging our expertise in the different jurisdictions across the world.

Private Equity

Our private equity solutions are basically defined and structured to ensure superior returns to our clients. Based on our recapitalizations, leveraged buy-outs, growth investments, and stressed/distressed investments across a range of industries and geographies, we ensure that our clients obtain a superior return of investment of not less than 30% p.a on their investment seed. Leveraging on the investment skills and market analysis experience that our team has gained over the years of practice, we make it easy for our clients to access sophisticated investment instruments by offering sound financial advice on financing (both private and public), mergers, and acquisitions.

Real Estate

We invest across a wide range of markets to acquire prime real estate products across the UAE, Europe, Africa, and Americas where we are actively seeking to pursue acquisitions of real estate projects and direct property. Our products are carefully defined to ensure high returns to our investors.

Commodity Trading

Commodity trading provides you with an opportunity to spread your investment risks, create massive wealth, angle for your financial freedom and independence and pursue your investment passions. Through our metals trading such as gold, silver, copper, and palladium to our agricultural products like coffee, tea, flowers, and energy commodities like oil and natural gas, we ensure that you get the best products, get huge returns, and ensure hedging against market uncertainties. In short, you get value for your money.

Private Wealth Management

Helping our clients achieve their investment goals and objectives is our priority. We ensure that our private wealth management solutions are well crafted and aligned with astute investment management by working with high-net-worth individuals, institutional investors, and foundations to deliver a package of high returns on investments and eventual double-digit growth in wealth.


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